Aug 16, 2016


So many people have the want, the desire, the will when it comes to make changes for the better of themselves but many seem to get lost along the way when it comes to the psychological aspect if a transformation. This can be from the physical, mental, emotional standpoint and yet there will always be barriers it’s how we attack these barriers and take the steps even if minut to get to our dreams.  I am going to give you some easy yet highly effective ways to stay motivated especially in 2016.
You may be doing some of these things, maybe not so let’s start here.

1.WRITE IT DOWN- a goal is just a dream until it is written down and is something you VISUALLY look at every day. Within every time you look at your goal it should touch your soul how bad you want to achieve it. Set a start date and a finish date . I would suggest using sticky notes, placing one on your bathroom mirror, one on the refrigerator, one on your steering wheel. Now remember your goal,could be as small as to start drinking more water, go to the gym daily ( even if you don’t get out the car and just drive to it, you are creating a new habit).

2. Have an accountability partner. ( That’s what friends are for right)? Now this could be your husband, wife, trainer, teammate, coach, pastor. This is that person or persons that are going to help you stay on track of doing what you set out to do. They will give you positive feedback, praise, corrective criticism, be that shoulder to cry on and more. Remember they are there to keep it REAL.


Tracking is very helpful to see where you are going and how far you have come.

Tracking your intake let it be MyfitnessPal, Picture Journal or written in a notebook can help you build better habits by allowing you to get a better view of each day and week.


3. Use Social today’s day and age who isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This is a,great tool that i use with a lot of my in person and online clients. Daily post about your journey so others can see. ( Just finished a great workout with @FrazierFitness19). YES, it may seem scary at first but note more are,rooting for you than against you. Many people may be going through the same type of journey and you never know who you may be motivating or inspiring.
4. Micro Manage your goals.  Yes, we all are focused on the big picture, that 30,50,60 lb weightloss goal we have set, running a faster 5k, PR’ING that back squat, or having a better relationship with self or a spouse. Those are all great goals to have but are very very broad. I suggest all my clients take their major goals and break them down hourly, daily, weekly. Are you taking those small steps to lose the first 5lbs, have you restocked your closet with new running gear, have you been working on your mobility to help you control your squat?  These are all micro goals yet obtainable and we could even break these up even smaller if we wanted or needed to .
5. Give the world your very best and full potential each and every day.
Take nothing for granted as tomorrow is never promised. Try your best to make the best out of every opportunity that comes your way,as you never know what it can lead to or who you are inspiring.
6. FIND YOUR WHY-  What is it that truly motivates you and drives you to better yourself in every way possible. Life is unwritten and each day is a new page in your book but knowing what matters most and drives you is not just critical to your success, but also your overall happiness and well-being
7. Be yourself..Yes, were made special and different for a reason..Be that person, be bold, brave, and beautiful. We all can give something greater to the world by doing just that.
8. Nothing worth having will come easy..Be prepared to know that there will be some bumps in the road, some ups and downs but at the end of the day this will motivate  and fuel you to continue your journey to the top.
9. Every day is a lesson. Embrace your triumphs and learn from your downfalls. Take mental notes on what you can do to make every moment as positive and impactful as it will lead you that much closer to accomplishing your dreams.
10. Have Fun while learning to accept yourself and love yourself on your journey. Love your body, cherish it and truly take to heart that your body is your temple. If you treat it like crap it will be just that but if you treat it like the most important thing  you have it will be just that and male life even more fruitful for you.
I hope you can take away from these tips that I have laid out for you on your journey and if not able to use all I hope just one can help you on your path of a better you.
Health is Wealth and Movement is Medicine.