Sep 16, 2015


We all want to feel great. Although sometimes the thought of going to the gym or working out is too much to bear, when we actually find a form of exercise we like everything else in our lives starts to fit into place. This is all thanks to how our body reacts to training and the benefits that building up a sweat can bring.

The most important of these elements is the release of endorphins. A chemical that interacts with the receptors in your brain, it has a tremendous impact on everything from mood to your perception of pain. Similar to the positive sensation many individuals find when being treated with something like morphine, the end of a great workout can be greeted with an overwhelming sense of happiness and pride, re-energising your outlook on life.

Not only is this release a great way to keep you motivated and encourage you to keep up your fitness regime of choice, but it will also have a huge impact on your life in general. Studies have proven that endorphins help reduce stress while also alleviating anxiety and feelings of depression. All this because you decide to take up running, go to the gym or start playing a sport.

The effect this has, combined with the extra exertion that comes from exercising, also has huge benefits when it comes to sleep. A good night’s rest is imperative, both in how your body recovers from exercise and on your overall state of mind. When all these different aspects come together, it’s not completely out of the ordinary to start feeling like a different, and more positive, person.

There’s a form of exercise out there for everyone, too. Finding your passion for fitness is the greatest motivator you could hope for. You’ll soon discover it’s not about having to workout, it’s about wanting to, and the health benefits that come along with any form of training will help change your life for the better. On top of this, you’ll also strengthen your heart, feel more energetic, lower blood pressure, burn body fat and see an improvement in your muscle tone. All while doing something you love.

So get in shape, enjoy doing it, feel great and rejoice that you’re able to do all of this at the same time. Your body, and your mind, will thank you for it.