Aug 31, 2015


People all over the world use meditation to escape their reality, to move beyond their present moment of awareness, and to create and expand consciousness. Although the techniques to meditation may vary across cultures and traditions, one thing remains constant. What each person gets out of meditating, that feeling of oneness with themselves, that ability to create this awareness that couldn’t have been cultivated any other way,the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits is what it’s all about. In reference to to the legendary movie Berry Gordy’s ” The Last Dragon”, we are all after the “Glow”, just as Bruce Lee Roy was…that feeling of oneness, clear mind, body, soul. It was said that when one’s mind, body, soul were one, a glow would come over them and only then would they know and feel what it was to reach the upper level..This is that same feeling that overcomes us when we meditate.

People meditate in different ways, but here are few techniques that you can implement right away.

Mindfulness Meditation
Focusing your attention on all aspects and experiences.

Choice-less Awareness Meditation
Focusing on nothing in particular, being quiet, steady, introverted.

Focused Attention Meditation
Focusing on a single object while meditating and letting your mind only focus on that.

Meditating is known to relieve stress, bring calmness, decrease stress and it doesn’t have to just be done in a yoga studio or a forest, listening to classical music or recorded sounds of the ocean waves. Meditation can be done in a closet, while walking, just a brief moment of eyes closed and stillness, even a few deep breaths away from your stressor. So many different ways to implement, pick one and give it a try for one week straight every morning before you head out on your day. Trust me you won’t regret it.