Jan 9, 2018


As we go into the first real official week of 2018, we look back in the rear view of 2017. Many people are pushing forward to better themselves and evolve into the best version of themselves on 2018. Gyms are getting crowded due to the New Years Resolution wave and people will be eating healthy for the next few weeks. My biggest question is will it last?

When it comes to the New Year, New Me movement everyone is on there hardcore fitness A game, but most truly don’t know how to go about it. As a fitness professional I see this on the daily, everyone looking up the next quick fix to get shredded, jacked, tight and times but where does it lead? Fitness these days seems to be built on vulnerability. Prying on those that dont know any better and selling them Flat Tummy Teas, Slim Wraps,Herbalife Teas, high hopes ans false dreams. Does it lead to sustainability and understanding or is it leading to burn up because you sprinted to try and rush your goal when you should have maybe walked? For $499.99 a month you too can drink 4 shakes a day, wrap your face in saran wrap and get results too. Let’s stop the b.s and educate the masses on health and fitness properly so we can create a better community and surrounding .

Many have goals this year to make more money, have a better body,have better sex, get in shape but what steps are they taking to get towards the goals they have selected? Are they reaching out to financial advisors, have they gotten a strength and conditioning program made by a professional to help them transform, eating for there goals? These are all things that can change the game when you in trust in a coach or someone that knows more.

Set yourself up for success by having a plan of of attack. From the fitness standpoint maybe work with a coach to design you a customized training program that includes proper warm up, strength protocal, metabolic conditioning phase built off your wants and needs instead of spinning your wheels. Having a roadmap built for you will surely make sure you are putting 1 foot in front of the other towards success.

End of the day it is all about the journey but don’t spin your wheels for 6 months going nowhere until you ask for help. Remember that every step going forward is a positive step on your journey no matter what it is. When climbing the mountain to success you can take a look back to see how far you’ve come but just make sure you’re always doing what you can to keep one foot going forward and climbing to the top in 2018.

If you are looking to take your goals to the next level from a training and nutrition standpoint don’t hesitate to reach out so we can make sure in 2018 you are standing at the top of the mountain top.