Nov 3, 2016


I’ve seen it so many times, and I’m reminded of it often from my in person clients to my online coaching groups as we will soon enough be launching our Holiday Transformation Survival Challenges/Programs.

Yes,  these pop up EVERY holiday of people wanting the quick fix , 10 day detox program,  7 hour Beach Body Program and all there worries will falll to the waste side.  I bet you know that guy or girl still doing the same exact program they were doing last Jan 1st.  Hours and hours of cardio on end,  saying they have to get in shape first before they can work witha fitness professional.  Maybe even better,  maybe I am talking to you,  and that is ok.  This is exactly for you. 


Someone starts a weight loss program and sees amazing results in week one.( better mood,  energy,, confidence, initial weight loss is, primarily water, which will reduce bloating none the less.  Some will see 3, 5, or even 10 pounds of weight loss!

Then in week two, they only see a pound or disappesr off the scale…and they’re confused,  frustrated,  depressed even. STOP THE MADNESS!  Just put this into perspective…

If lets say Mrs. Lisa Douglas didn’t weigh in the first week and just saw that she lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks she’d be ecstatic…at least she should be because those are some great results and starting markers. 

But, if Mrs. Douglas had a 5 pound weight loss in week 1 and a 2 pound weight loss in week 2 she’d be upset?!?!  Why is this?  Are you following me on this?  Results are Results Right?  And, the worst thing is, so many Mrs. Douglas’s out there stop being committed to the new program, or worse, they quit when this happens!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…


Check out the graph below that represents an actual client’s 20+ pound weight loss journey over 60 days:


As you can see, you’re going to have your ups and downs and plenty of plateaus,  peaks and valleys.  This is, why support, customized programming,  adaptation,  assesments and understanding are all needed and valuable to the process, and journey. 

You need to be OK with that.

Just because you’re “doing everything right” doesn’t mean your body is going to respond in kind.  The human body is a very complex thing AND it resists change.

Just like investing in a good stock, you need to be prepared for the days that don’t show you the returns you want.  The key is the trend.  As long as you’re trending in the right direction (and you’re evaluating a reasonable amount of time to get enough data) it’s all good. Asses,  test,  and retest as i like to say and have markers to show your progress.  This surely goes beyond the scale, that dress you couldn’t fit,  those pants that were too tight,  how you feel going up and down stairs.. These things are all postive markers or tests we can use to show what is really happening.

Remember, focus on the behaviors and the results will follow.

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