Jul 4, 2015


Doing something I’m not very good at is as challenging as ever but I know that there are people that may have there lives changed by these passages.
Beginning to write more often has been a journey for me as its not my strong point. Yet I know that I owe it to the world to reach out and inspire as many people as I humanly possibly can. I am a man of action, and if there is something i see, I don’t just talk about it, I want to be about it and I want to use all the tools possible to help all.  Enter the world of blogging or writing.



My goal in this is to help you on your journey as Fitness Professional, Nutritionist, and Mindset Coach..helping you have the tools that were passed on to me to make you as successful, healthy and powerful as possible. My goals in life have always been to help as many people as possible and make a lasting impression on those that want to change there lives and create change. Also within these blog posts and articles I also want you to get to know me better as a husband, father, entrepreneur, and a regular person just as you. I am just here to help you all on your journey so follow me and let’s change the world for the better together. All in all you will be hearing from me on topics of Human Performance,  the growing ages of my son Zane who is currently 1.5, living with Epilepsy,  Finding growth in failure, optimal living, Spartan Racing and much much more..buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Just remember be you, be true.