We can help you get in shape and feeling great again, all on your schedule and in an environment that works best for you.


Training with others is a great way to stay motivated and ensure a social environment for your workouts. Too many people in a group, however, can often mean your needs aren’t being catered for and your fitness goals not being reached. This is why semi private group training is a great choice.

Training with like-minded individuals creates a great atmosphere for progression, and knowing that you’ll still get the attention you need in a smaller group - and therefore achieve the results you’re looking for - is an almost perfect blend. Your trainer won’t be constantly distracted because of the size of the class, and it allows you to progress with success in a fantastic environment.

Semi private group training will give you a level of support you’ve not experienced before and, best of all, it comes from people who are just like you. An educated and knowledgeable trainer may be leading proceedings, but you’ll also have a network of friends that you can help and who will help you. What better way to burn fat, build muscle and reach the level of fitness you’ve always dreamed of?



Strength and conditioning training is more than just lifting weights. Based around numerous activities that can increase and enhance your performance, you’ll be challenged in countless ways, be that running, jumping, testing your agility, strengthening your core or improving your endurance.

As well as developing your overall fitness across the board, strength and conditioning training will be sculpted around your needs, changing up the amount and type of workout on the cards as the year progresses. This will keep your body in a constant state of growth making sure you achieve your goals, be that burning calories, reducing body fat, or increasing muscle tone.

Strength and conditioning training is ideal for sports, too. Identifying the specific skills that underpin it, you’ll embark on a program that will target your strengths and weaknesses and take you to a new level of skill and fitness that wasn’t possible without this form of regime.

Essential for those who want to become stronger, fitter, leaner and more prepared for any athletic endeavor, strength and conditioning training will get you in the best shape possible while testing your physical and mental prowess.



To train is to improve and no one wants to hit a plateau. This is where preformance training comes into its own. Designed to offer talented athletes a high level of workout, our dedicated programs open up the opportunity to push yourself harder than you ever have in the past.

Set up to test even the most in-shape individual, elite athlete performance training uses methods taught at the highest level and applies them to you. I cater to all athletes so no matter what challenge you want, we have a program that will suit your needs. At every juncture you will be tasked with pushing yourself harder than you ever thought possible, all resulting in a level of fitness higher than you’ve ever had.

While all workouts will be built around an athletic base, this form of training will also focus on teaching your body how to be more efficient. This may be in the form of taking in and transporting oxygen, or intense physiological training that keeps your mind as strong as your body.


Nutrition and proper supplementation are just as important as your workouts. Without the right foods and nutrients, your body won’t be able to develop or grow, increasing the risk of hitting a training plateau and stop progressing. This can lead to decreased motivation and, worst of all, you giving up entirely.

Our nutrition and supplementation programs can educate you about what foods to eat and what products to take, keeping you on-track with your workouts and feeling great. Having this knowledge will help you with your day-to-day life as well - you’ll have more confidence about what you should and shouldn’t consume and which supplements will have a serious impact on your training. Whether it’s whey protein, creatine, amino acids or glutamine, understanding what these are and how they affect you will keep you strong both in mind and in body.

Knowing the ins and outs of nutrition and supplementation will teach you how to train smarter and ensure you continue on the path to success. Feel great, hit your goals and get in the best shape of your life, all with the most powerful tool of all knowledge!



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